How long has Shirecrest Homes been in business?

Ken Sommer started framing homes with his father over 20 years ago. He quickly saw a demand for well-built custom homes with unique designs. So in 2004 Shirecrest Homes Inc. was formed.

How long does it take to construct a house?

This is one of the most common questions asked about home building. Once the land has been purchased and plans have been finalized the process takes about 5 to 6 months. Some of the variables will include size, specifications and seasonal conditions.

How much do you charge per square foot?

It’s difficult to quote a price per square foot because Shirecrest builds custom homes that are all unique and individually tailored. Price is affected by a number of variables, including the type of construction, energy efficiency rating, style, exterior and interior finishes, fixtures, geographical location, etc. Please contact us if you would like to talk about the possibilities and sit down to learn more, no strings attached.

Does Shirecrest Homes have lots available?

Shirecrest is able to build across Southern Ontario and will build to suit. However we currently have a few lots throughout the Cambridge and Brantford area available. If these do not meet your needs, we can help you locate available lots or parcels. Alternatively we can arrange to purchase a lot of your choosing. This will enable you to obtain a conventional mortgage instead of going through construction mortgage.
Finally, we work very closely with Kevin Haight of Royal LePage who is a trusted realtor in the area that can help with the acquisition of a lot or property.

What if I have a problem with my home down the road?

Should an issue with your home arise, we are only a phone call away. We are fully committed to you and stand behind our work. Our reputation has been built on quality and this hallmark extends to our after sales service.

How important is energy efficiency and the environment to Shirecrest?

As we are an ENERGY STAR qualified builder, it is of the utmost importance to us that we build homes that promote healthy, comfortable environments that deliver high performance energy ratings, while at the same time providing homeowners with lower cost of ownership on monthly expenses through energy saving practices.
Shirecrest Homes Inc. is committed to providing you with outstanding quality and energy efficiency. We are an Energy Star Builder and also use Energy Star approved materials such as windows, furnaces, air conditioners and other mechanical devices. To find out more about what the Energy Star symbol represents, visit the Energy Star website.
All of our homes undergo an ‘Energuide for New Homes Analysis’ performed by a third party; this Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report will be provided to you as part of the information binder. The report shows you your home’s energy efficiency rating, energy saving tips and other interesting information. Other rating systems are available upon request such as R-2000, Green Home and LEED. Visit this site to learn more about the R-2000 standard.


Which associations and warranties are Shirecrest Homes a part of and able to offer?

Not only are we a certified ENERGY STAR builder, but we are registered Tarion builder since 2004 with an impeccable Tarion record, please feel free to check us out at Tarion (http://www.tarion.com/Pages/Licensed-Builder-Directory-Search.aspx) our registration number is 34439 and are able to offer the industry leading Tarion Warranty with every home we build.

What areas will Shirecrest build in?

We have built all over Southern Ontario but have spent most of our time in the Brantford and Cambridge areas. More specifically, along Scenic Drive where Ken Sommer, the company president, has built over thirty homes. Ken will note, “Many of our clients have become our neighbours.” Adding another reason why building with honesty and integrity is of utmost importance to Shirecrest Homes.

Do I need to have architectural plans?

In short, no, but if you do, that’s fine. We will review your plans with you prior to providing a cost to construct. Alternatively, we are happy to provide consultation, design, preliminary, and final plans for you. This allows us to make changes and revisions easily to meet your needs or even suite your lot more appropriately.

Does Shirecrest have plans that I can choose from?

As each homeowner is very unique, so are the homes that we build. No two homes are the same and for that reason, our design team will collaborate with you to create a floorplan from scratch completely taliored to you.

Can I make revisions to the plans as we go?

It is our goal to do the best job possible in the planning stages of the project. This is the time where we can make alterations and changes as we work through your custom home. Once the building process begins we will meet regularly to discuss progress and even alteration to plans and finishes as required.

What choices do I have in the design, finishing, and fixtures of my home?

Your choices are only restricted by your budget. Shirecrest will always meet or exceed the requirements of the Ontario Building Code, and therefore we have a level of quality of products and building techniques that we will not compromise on. As long as those criteria are met, we will do everything we can to deliver exactly what you want within your budget, providing you with selection guides and aids. Our Customer Selection Binder is designed to make this selection process easier and to ensure that no detail or option is overlooked.
We also have an Interior Decorator who would be more than happy to assist you in this process.

Does Shirecrest have a model home?

At this time Shirecrest does not have a model home to tour, however, we are able to conduct tours through homes that are currently under construction to give you a sense of the types of homes we build from the framing stage and onward. Alternatively, our office also has a showroom that showcases some of the custom work we can do.